How to migrate emails and contacts from Entourage to Outlook

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  1. Sorry, I wasn’t trying to be mean and I apologise if you feel I was personally attacking you.

    When I said “Are you guys for real?” I was not referring to you, I was talking to the people that made your post a hot one. I was saying: “Look at this post, it’s about porting mail to Outlook… of all the 700,000+ blogs on WordPress, this one is hot?! Isn’t their something more important than this?”

    I wasn’t knocking you, I completely understand your blog and I get blogs like yours and I know it’s hard work and I know it’s guys like who actually get off their ass and contribute your time to create real content (unlike mine which is just bullshit).

    Thinking about it I should have picked something less useful, but it seemed once I hit the line “Do you really think that adding to the Entourage HOWTO is gonna help?” I felt I was onto something.

    If you want me to remove my post I will. I can find someone else to pick on.

  2. Mac Tech

    The only issue with this is that if there are any special characters in the subject line the files won’t transfer so easily over to a PC. Nice work around though.

  3. Mac Tech, thanks for the tip!
    I guess I was lucky that I didn’t get any special characters when I was doing the migration!

  4. Polks


    Thanks for the help – however, I’m not able to duplicate your drag&dropping of entourage messages into the Folder. It does it, but ends up with a bunch of 0kb blank messages. I even saw it through the import from Windows Mail (outlook express vista version), to outlook, but still blanks..

  5. @Polks
    Did you drag+drop a whole folder? That could cause the 0Kb emails. As suggested in the article, try to drag+drap in smaller batches and that should be fine.
    I remember I had the same problem, dragging the contents of a folder (+400 emails) in one go, and it didn’t work well. So I then did it in smaller batches. Hope that helps!

  6. Fixing that formatting…

    Thanks for the post. It was certainy helpful, although the loss of formatting was a big issue for me so I discovered another way of transfering the emails (rather than the folder on the desktop > outlook express > outlook method).

    It’s really simple. All you do is start a new email in Entourage, drag a bunch of emails from a folder onto the new message as attachments, then send it to yourself (or an address on the PC). I suggest doing them in batches that do not exceed your maximum email size…

    When you recieve the email in Outlook on the PC, you can drag all the attachment emails directly into a subfolder in your inbox. It keeps ALL the original formatting including time and date.

    Hope this helps.

  7. Thanks for the tip Noah!
    Seems very easy, I’ll have to try it the next time I have to do a migration.

    Thanks for sharing! : )

  8. Chris

    Outlook 2007 does nothing to address this. Poor planning.

  9. @Chris
    Shame! Maybe we have to wait till Office 2008 on Mac! (False hope?!)

  10. Suz

    Thanks for this. I am going to have to give up my mac *sob* when I change jobs at the end of the year and I just panicked wondering how I was going to keep all my emails etc when I go back to just using my PC laptop.

  11. Dave

    Thanks for the method, Hyperreality. I don’t have access to the Mac where my Entourage files were archived from. Now all I have is the archive CD-rom. I think I’m stuffed if I can’t get hold of a friend’s Mac.

  12. Mike

    Just got Office 2008 Mac, and guess what: no export/import to Outlook.

    Microsoft – wake up! Or do you attend moron class each morning!

  13. Alessandra

    Your help was really, really helpful, I was going to do exactly what you said in the beginning…export here, import there.
    Thanks for your help!!

    The only part that didn’t work with your tips was to import the contacts, so I used this one that I found in this link:
    To copy contacts, follow these steps.

    1. In Entourage, select File > Export. The Export screen prompts “What would you like to export?” Select “Local contacts to a list (tab-delimted text).” Save the file.
    2. In Excel, select File > Open. The file opening window presents an Enable menu to filter file types. Choose “Text Files”, and open the exported text file.
    3. The Text Import Wizard appears.
    1. For step 1, choose “Delimited” for file type. Click “Next”.
    2. For step 2, click the “Tab” checkbox for Delimiters. Click “Next”.
    3. For step 3, you can remove columns from the table. I did not bother to do this. Empty columns are skipped. Click “Finish”.
    4. Save the Excel file in “CSV (Windows)” format. Excel will complain about incompatible features, asking you if you want to save without those features. Click “Yes”.
    5. Now you need to get the csv file into Outlook. In Outlook select File > Import and Export. The Import/Export Wizard appears. From the list of actions, select “Import from another program or file”. Click “Next”.
    6. From the list of file types to import from, select “Comma Separated Values (Windows)”. Click “Next”.
    7. Locate the file to import. For destination folder, choose Personal Folders\Contacts
    8. When the “Import a File” screen appears, click the button “Map custom fields.” This is the trickiest part of the procedure. You need to compare the field names in the Entourage and Outlook address books. Some are the same, and these are already mapped for you. Others are different, and you need to manually set the mappings. Follow the instructions on the screen. Recheck both sides, and when you are satisifed that you have the correct mappings, click “OK’.
    9. Click “Finish”.

    • Jonesy

      Thank you so much for the explanation absolutely brilliant and worked :)))))))
      now I just have the e-mails to bring over!!

  14. Webster

    Your Quote: “I know that one would never ever dream of migrating from a Mac to Windows, but recently I was asked to help someone move all emails and contacts in Entourage on Mac OS X to Outlook on Windows XP.”

    This is no surprise and I am sure a heck of a lot more people migrate to Windows PCs than the Apple Hack media is ever going to report. The REASON is very easy to understand – Macs are crap. I am one of those that is fed up with Apple products that break and die a lot earlier that any major brand PC I ever owned!

    I have had, in just the last 10 years, a G3 PowerBook Wallstreet become unuseable because of broken hinges and a dead AC/DC changer board; a G3 600Mhz 14″ iBook that Apple had to fix FOUR TIMES in two years before the FTC FORCED 3 year warranty expired (it’s DEAD now); a G4 Dual 733Mhz Power Mac that the AGP slot DIED 1 month after the 1 yr warranty ended (Apple CS said “too bad, should have bought Apple Care”); a G4 1.2Ghz 12″ iBook that Apple’s fixed 3 TIMES in the first 9 month and a $2500 G4 PowerBook that died at an aged of 26 months old! (LCD cable – which CAN’T be replaced unless you buy a WHOLE NEW LCD – $599).

    Macs are CRAP and Apple over charges you TWICE their value. I have a 7 YEAR OLD HP P-III 1.2GHz OmniBook (Win XP) that still runs like new! And, I just bought a new 15.4″ HP Pavillion DV6400 series media notebook w/ 4GB of DDR RAM and a 250GB HDD and paid HALF of what a piece-of-shit MacBook Pro would cost and the HP is TWICE the notebook in quality and features!

    I am proud to say I am a FORMER Mac users and I will NEVER buy another Mac or Apple piece-of-shit ever again ….. and I talk people out of Macs every day. (I’m in Educational IT management)

  15. Billy

    I totally agree with Webster. I have been using PCs for so many years and at most my PC fail after 4 years or so. I then switch to Mac due to all the buzz about it being better than PCs. Guest What?, I have bought 3 Mac Book, and 1 IMac and 1 Mac Book Pro. My IMAC monitor fail after the warranty and my Mac Book Pro did the same. It is to my opinion Mac are all shits!

  16. A Noid in LA

    Billy, Webster:

    Go poison someone else’s blog. Hearing anti-Mac invective out of two knuckle-draggers just makes me think that the Macs must be pretty good. Potty-mouth (an “Educational IT” person, Webster? *REALLY*?) tactics pretty much ruins your credibility.

    PCs and Macs are tools. That’s it. If you bought something just because of “buzz” over how good it is, you get what you deserve. Do your homework, research what you’re getting into, and take your lumps like an adult (oh, you *ARE* both adults, aren’t you?) when things don’t go as you planned.

  17. BigBaka

    I have to concur with webster above. Apple sell shoddy laptops (my G3 iMac 2001 is still going strong however). I’ve also had a similar experience with two iBooks dying 6 months after warranty expires, one without apple care, one with. In both cases the logic board died. But go back to Windows, with it’s myriad of failings, I cannot do! Hence I’ve used the recent death of my iBook G4 to take the opportunity to finally make the switch to Linux, using a Compaq laptop. Linux Mint (based on Ubuntu) was recommended to me by a friend for it’s ease of use and bundled open source software, and since installing I haven’t looked back on Windows or Mac (except in trying to get my emails off entourage, which is how I ended up here – thanks for the great site by the way).


  18. Caroline

    Finally an answer. This is a really slick way to get mail from Mac to PC Vista Windows Mail. I had spent almost a full day yesterday looking for a workaround that didn’t include MacMail… to Eudora… to Outlook… to Windows etc. Luckily I had Entourage for Mac so I could take the Mac Mail into it. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!

    >>It’s really simple. All you do is start a new email in Entourage, drag a bunch of emails from a folder onto the new message as attachments, then send it to yourself (or an address on the PC). I suggest doing them in batches that do not exceed your maximum email size…

    When you recieve the email in Outlook on the PC, you can drag all the attachment emails directly into a subfolder in your inbox. It keeps ALL the original formatting including time and date.<<

  19. Peter

    Thanks Caroline for the great tip.
    I was a frustrated Windows user one year ago and switch happily to a Mac. After one year I’m a frustrated Mac user and switch back to Windows. My MacBook crashed almost twice a week. On Windows XP I had this problem maybe once every four weeks. The MacBook was faster at the beginning, but after a couple of months was slower then my Window machine. Of course a Mac looks much cooler, but after loosing data on a regular basis and not be able to work properly I will switch back.

  20. Rocco

    The best way to transfer Entourage emails to Outlook 2003 or 2007 is to transfer them to Outlook Express FIRST then export them from Outlook Express to Outlook 2003 or 2007.

    You simply need to select all emails in Entourage in the inbox and drag and drop them into a folder in Finder. Then copy those files to a USB. Then from the USB select all files and drag and drop them into Outlook Express. Then Export from Outlook Express to Outlook using the File menu in Outlook Express.

    Any further questions just ask!

  21. rahul pandey

    I have 1.9 yrs old MACBook-Air. The problem is screen is flickering when you work. And here i saw this is not single my problem.. every body faced same screen died problem. Question is: Why we are purchasing MAC ? Although window PCs are so cheaper than MAC. there servicing charges are also too high. and same on accessories.

    “““MAC“““NO! NO! NO!

  22. Can you please post the steps to migrate from Entourage to Outlook for Mac 2011.

    It would be really helpful.


  23. Greate informatice article.

    Thanks for the information.

  24. tkristalis

    Thanks for this very informative post. It certainly helps me a lot, I also found a useful tool called Scrubly Duplicate remover. The process is simple; it scans your Gmail contact folders and look for duplicate contacts. If Scrubly finds any exact or Compatible Contacts, it will remove or merge them automatically. They even have a back up so I can have the original copy just in case. You could also refer to this for other issues regarding to your mac outlook 2011.

    Chris Smith

  25. @Alessandra,

    Thanks for your step-by-step guide.

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  27. When I initially commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added” checkbox and now each time a comment is adfed I gget four emails with the
    same comment. Is there any way you can remove people from that service?

  28. jessica alba

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