How to automatically clear a query from Firefox’s Search bar

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  1. I use a bit of JavaScript (along with the userchrome.js extension) to get the job done.

    userchrome.js extension:


    /* :::: Searchbar Autoclear :::: */
    var searchbar = BrowserSearch.getSearchBar();
    if(searchbar && “handleSearchCommand” in searchbar)
    eval(“searchbar.handleSearchCommand =”+searchbar.handleSearchCommand.toString().replace(
    ‘var textValue = textBox.value;’,
    ‘var textValue = textBox.value; setTimeout(function(){ BrowserSearch.getSearchBar().value = “”; }, 1000);’


  2. Thanks for the top Aaron!
    I’ve found userChrome.css to be very handy, so I think using the userchrome.js extension will give just the right result! (plus other tweaks can be added)
    Great tip!

  3. I don’t see what the big deal is. When I click anywhere in the search text box, the previously searched phrase becomes highlighted so that it is overwritten by the new item to be searched.

  4. ans

    holy christ just use ctrl+k people.

    and don’t install another bloated extension – if you want to make the search box wider type about:config in the address bar, press enter, scroll down to “browser.urlbar.hideGoButton” and change the value to true. this eliminates the little green arrow that no one uses and widens the box.

  5. @ans
    This article is not about making the search box wider, it’s about automatically clearing its content when a search is done, so please read the title!
    Also, if 30KB is considered bloated by you, you might want to try Searchbar Autosizer Lite (7KB), which you have to set using about:config (seems more like something you’d like).

  6. midorigin

    thanks for the tip. i couldn’t find an answer to this anywhere.

  7. ferrouswheel

    For those that don’t “get” this extension… learn about middle-click pasting in unix. CTRL-K or selecting the text in the search box results in the selection buffer being overwritten.

  8. nate

    I use Firefox regularly on Linux and am a big fan of middle-click pasting. That is exactly why I WANT this functionality. I often highlight something in a DIFFERENT application, click back on Firefox and find my search bar already has something in it. If I highlight it to remove it, I’ve just lost the text I wanted to copy in the first place. (Not lost because I can get it back from Klipper, but still.) Personally, I have absolutely no use for clicking the magnifying glass to search as hitting enter is much easier, so I’d prefer it if clicking that cleared the bar instead (a la clear buttons in OS X). Anybody know how to remap that button’s function, maybe through JavaScript?

  9. Michael

    Btw, the add-on “SearchLoad Options” does a perfect job!! It resets the search bar, let you define to open the search results in a new tab, can reset search engine after x seconds…

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