10 tips for new Mac users, switching from Windows…

Being the sort of guy who likes to use keyboard shortcuts rather than having to reach for the mouse all the time, I felt a bit hostile once I got my new Macbook Pro. I knew how to do task X or Y on Windows with a few keystrokes, but having moved to Mac OS X (read 10 not X, as I made the mistake!), I found myself feeling annoyed that I didn’t know my way around the OS smoothly. So I searched the Internet to find out about some of the more obscure shortcuts. Below I’ve listed and explained some shortcuts that a new Mac user, especially those coming from a Windows environment, may not be aware of. It’s definitely made my life easier, hopefully you’re a new mac user, these will be of use.

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  1. I always confused with mac keyboard shortcut, thank a lot!

  2. Joe

    Another alternative to delete on a Mac is ctrl-D

  3. Whatever

    Control-Option-Command-Eject will shutdown the computer without the dialog box.

  4. Stu

    In addition to X-Ray Mode, you can hit command-option-8, then command-option-+ and – to zoom in and out on the screen. It lets you make anything fullscreen.

  5. yousef

    I switched the other way, from MacOS X to Windows. Although I liked the pretty Apple hardware, I found MacOSX slow and restrictive. The user interface was truly awful, and there always seemed to be an ‘Apple knows best, you shall do it our way’ feeling about the whole thing. I also found that it performed very poorly with my code (I am a software developer), which was very performance critical, and depended on having a quality multiprocessor kernel that supports high thread counts. If you are switching from Windows to MacOSX, be prepared for serious frustration, and be prepared to switch back. Ultimately, I’d like to use Linux, but there are still applications that I just can’t get running with WINE, and for which there are no (known??) Linux equivelents.

    • Mac OSX slow and restrictive? What kind of software developer are you? Maybe it was your code that was inefficient. Macs are faster and the OS actually responds unlike windows which takes ages just to open 1 program.

      Linux is also better than windows, and its free.

      I find windows users a funny bunch. Funny because I used to be a die hard windows fanatic. Windows people are so stuck in their ways they can’t see a good thing when it hits them square in the face!

      • Wrong Wrong

        Actually the only reason windows isnt better is oh wait mac charges an arm and a leg for their stuff and also wait if it breaks guess what your screwed and yes linux is amazing but guess what windows is the only os that hackers try to get into. guess you mac guys are on your own when the world bows down to your $2000 computers when my ps1 puts out more entertainment than that

      • Don

        I’ve been using a Windows machine for many years, but I started on an Apple II, IIC, IIE, MAC, FatMAC, MAC 512, etc. The DOS/Windows based computers just give you the feeling of more control by allowing you to mess with superfluous details. The reason hackers stay away from Mac OS is that you still must have local control to infiltrate it (mostly since the OS is still based largely on UNIX/LINUX). I know, I know. It’s not UNIX anymore. It has become it’s own entity. Just look at the power you have in SuperUser….err, Single-User mode at the root# prompt. Mac machines tend not to become obsolete for a couple of years, vice 3-6 months for Windows machines. It’s kind of like using an LED light instead of an incandescent. Which way would you rather toss your money. As far as programming is concerned, I haven’t done much since the days of BASIC, FORTRAN, COBOL, PASCAL, etc. It’s funny, however, how people complain about a system not running their code well. Most likely, the code is what is at fault since computers will only do what you tell them to do…except Windows machines NOT doing what you tell them to do even when it says it is already doing it.

        Oh, and by the way, if your PS1 is so much better, then go play Dungeon Seige and leave the actual conversation to the adults.

  6. dmAcademy

    Great post.. very helpful.

  7. Cool Tip

    option+apple + 8 to turn on

    after press

    option apple + (+ or -)

    this will allow you to zoom in realtime which really comes in handy when you are trying to fill up the screen with videos embedded in websites

  8. And don’t forget about the great zoom feature of Mac OSX. Press Command+Option+8 an enable/disbale this feature. When enabled press Command+Option+ + or – to zoom in or out from the mouse cursor.

    It’s great for watching small movies on the web, you can zoom it to make it take up more screen space.

  9. Russellj

    First of all, right clicking works perfectly fine, just go and spend a few dollars on a usb mouse or a mighty mouse, now guess what, right click and it works; also right clicking does work in almost any place you need it to not just firefox, you can right click delete just like windows.

    next, i would like to make a point of the green “maximize button” this is not a maximize button, it is whatever the developer choses it to be, and yes it tends to expand the window to a larger space, however most apps just need to be click resized in the bottom right corner.

    I dont know what this tab key crap is, i use tab all the time and yes it jumps from one box or object to the next without a change from the default install.

    your activity monitor … Apple, shift, U… A… Apple, O.
    now it’s open without searching for a path, right click on the dock icon and click “keep in dock” and now when you need to check the ram or cpu usage click the dock icon.

    delete… Apple, Delete. nuff said

    if you need any more help email me at Pyromusic@gmail.com

  10. James "Psy" Kocsis

    I’m all about keyboard shortcuts on te Mac. You’ll eventually find that there are equivelants on the Mac for any Windows keyboard command.

    Also, all Mac users should check out Quicksilver from quicksilver.blacktree.com

    I can’t live without it. It has allowed me to COMPLETELY clear my dock of all icons! It was way too full and I was spending too much time looking for apps on it. Now I can easily launch any app I want. QS has a ton of other uses too which I’m just starting to discover.


  11. Thanks for putting this together. I’m a recent switcher as well and these tips are very handy.


  12. Alejandro Lobos

    Press cmd + opt + eject and will go to sleep
    Press crtl + opt + eject and will restart
    Press cmd + opt +shift + q and will logout

  13. Michael marcum

    Dont’ forget about how to select the apple icon and apple menu. 😉

    ctrl=f2 to highlight the apple icon, then use the arrow keys to move between menus.

  14. Great post!

    Another way to “contextual menu”: hold down ctrl+click

    usefull in some app where holding the click(LMB) don’t work, like Vienna.

  15. I recently blogged about some other differences, mainly keyboard shortcut differences in menus. Check it out here: http://www.corbinstreehouse.com/blog/?p=157

    I also talked about this a longer time ago: 


    More cool things: CMD-Q works when using alt-tab to quit apps without having to switch to them. Very cool.

  16. The last item wasn’t a link..here it is:


    hopefully this works

  17. Came from Digg! Thanks for the shortcuts, it is a life-saver for another Windows to Mac convert like me.


  18. Instead of using Tab to switch between buttons and hitting the space bar simply press the letter “S” on your keyboard. You’ll find that normally in Mac OS X that the more “distructive” command takes a bit more effort to operate. So by hitting “S” it defaults to sleep mode instead of shutting down, which you’d lose you work if you accept the shutdown confrimation.

    The same idea goes for deleting files; You have to hold CMD/Apple key plus Delete to actually delete something. Again you can’t just hit Enter to run a program: hold down Apple+Enter.

  19. WW

    two quick notes
    #4 – in all instances with multiple buttons
    space bar for buttons with a blue highlight
    return for the blue button
    #5 – shutdown shortcut
    just hit the power button – pops up the shut down/restart/sleep menu (at least it does on my MBP)

    and to russelj
    it’s not just spending a couple bucks on a new mouse, sometimes using a mouse is not practical with a laptop. the MBP has a huge mouse button no reason it couldn’t be 2 buttons

  20. Great post, thanks! Over the last 18 months since switching, the delete/backspace thing has been my biggest pet-peeve.

    It also bugs me that when I have a file highlighted in the Finder, I can’t just hit the Delete key to delete it.


  21. Thanks — this is a really compilations of links. About to switch to a Mac myself (hey Brajeshwar — nice to see you here, man!) and I’ve noted a few a didn’t know before 🙂

  22. great list! thanks, but you forgot one of the most integral parts of OS X (at least in my workflow): Spotlight. (10.4.x only)

    Wherever you are, press cmd+spacebar and it brings up a menu in the top right corner (you can also achieve this by pressing on the magnifying glass on the very right of the menu bar). from there you can search for little anything, and I mean anything, on your harddrive. spotlight will search through word documents, emails, etc. spotlight will even search through the documents for specific words.

  23. With respect to #7 (Minimising), while Cmd+H will hide the current window, it’s sometimes useful to hide everything except the current window. If you want to do this then press Cmd+Option+H.

    For those of you with a laptop keyboard like mine (old Ti PowerBook), the Option key may be labelled as Alt. If anyone knows why this is then I’d love to know as it confused the heck out of me when I first started with a Mac and instructions kept referring to a mythical “Option” key.

  24. Craig Sutherland

    Another keystroke combo to cycle through running apps is Command-Tab. If you use it to switch to another application, pressing it again will flip back to the previous app. Very handy especially if you have several apps open, but there are two you are using currently in a project or task.

  25. Stevo

    Macs are gay

  26. Casey Sousa

    I’m a lifetime Mac user, so these “tips” are pretty basic and I don’t think I would classify them as “tips”. I’m pretty amazed at the little things that switchers are concerned about doing on their new Macs. These are the sort of things that once the mindset shifts from a Windows mindset to a Mac mindset, some of these sort of things will be irrelevant.

    A few follow-ups to some of the “tips”:

    1. Forward Delete: Mac laptops have a smaller keyboard so they don’t put the extra delete key on the board. Instead of adding clutter (like so many Dell and HP notebooks do), Apple uses the key combo described above to accomplish the forward delete. However, desktop Macs (iMac, PowerMac G5, etc.) come with a full keyboard that includes the forward delete key just like any desktop Windows computer.

    2. Expose with F9: I like this tip. I will probably do it now that you mention it. I like that Macs are so customizable and unrestrictive. Alternatively, Expose lets you setup “hot corners” on your screen so that you can simply move your mouse into that corner of the screen to invoke Expose (or a screensaver). You can set this up in the System Preferences>Dashboard & Expose.

    3. Right Click: Every application on my Mac has right-click functionality. On my PowerBook, I just use the two-finger method described above. If you don’t like that, then you can always hold down the control key while clicking to bring up the contextual menu immediately.

    4. Tab Key: In some applications, instead of tabbing the blue highlight over the button that you want to execute, you can just type the first letter of the option you want. For example, in Photoshop, when you close a document that hasn’t been saved, it prompts you if you want to “Save” the document, “Don’t Save”, or “Cancel”. The default selection is “Save” so if you hit return it will save. If you want to “Don’t Save” you can simply press the “D” key on the keyboard, or if you want to “Cancel” then you can press the “C” key. Again, this doesn’t work in EVERY application, but probably about 75% of the ones I use.

    5. Shutdown Shortcut: On Mac laptops, you can simply press the power button once and it will bring up the shutdown dialog box. As mentioned in tip 4, you can then press the first letter of the action you want (i.e. “R” for restart, “S” for sleep, return for shutdown). I don’t know if it’s a Macbook thing vs. a PowerBook thing, but control+eject doesn’t do anything for me.

    6: Maximize button: It’s not really a maximize button. I’ve always thought of it as a “zoom” button, but I could be wrong. Some applications it does “maximize” the window to full screen, but others it does what you have described.

    7. Minimize button: This is an excellent navigational strategy that you have described. I use both of these shortcuts all the time and couldn’t live without them. Sometimes, though, instead of showing the desktop or hiding the app, I’ll just want to switch between two different apps. This is where the very useful (and pretty) command+tab comes into play. It’s the Mac equivalent to the Windows alt+tab.

    8. Menu Bar Icons: Yeah, it’s nice to have the ability to put the menu bar icons where YOU want them, not where the OS wants them. The same with the Dock which functions much like the Windows task bar when switching between apps with the mouse. Just drag the icons where you want them on a Mac. Windows… well, you just have to open the apps in the order you want them to be on the task bar.

    9. No Ctrl+Alt+Delete?: No, there isn’t an equally easy way to get to the Mac equivalent of the Task Manager. However, I want to take this opportunity to make sure that Quicksilver gets installed on EVERY Mac. This is the single most useful application for a Mac. It puts all of your apps at a few keystrokes distance. At first, you’ll use it as an app launcher, but once you start playing with it, you’ll soon learn that you can do almost anything on your computer without taking your hands off of the keyboard. It’s free, so you have nothing to lose by installing it and trying it out. For example, to see the Activity Monitor, you would just invoke Quicksilver (accessible from any app using a key combo you specify, I have set mine to command+space), start typing “Activity Monitor” and usually by the time you type “Ac” it finds and highlights Activity Monitor, then you just hit return/enter, and it opens up the Activity Monitor.

    10. Cool shortcut combo: Yeah, it’s pretty cool. I haven’t found a use for it yet. 🙂

  27. Win + u brings up the screen reader, shutdown is alt + f4

  28. Casey Sousa

    @Chris “It also bugs me that when I have a file highlighted in the Finder, I can’t just hit the Delete key to delete it.”

    You can hit command+delete to delete a finder item.

  29. Casey Sousa

    If you want to really challenge yourself to learn a lot of key commands in each app, you can install KeyCue. Once installed, you can hold down the command key for a few seconds in any app, and it will display a list of all available key commands for the current app.

  30. Yood

    Try this link for http://www.apple.com shortcut documents:


    If you want to become a Mac power user, this is a very good place to start reading:


  31. Nicola

    this is a super helpful post, thanks!

    p.s. it’s spelled definItely, not definAtely (think of the word ‘definite’ and then add ‘-ly’ to make it an adverb — not comin’ down on you, just tryin’ to help)

  32. Just switched to Mac a week back. Thanx a lot for these shortcuts.

    One thing that annoyed me was that the resize can only be done from the bottom-right corner. It drove me nuts.

    I found a solution though and it works gr8.
    App name is WindowDragon, just google it.

  33. Nice advise, might be what I need for in order to switch from Windows to mac.

  34. Tibble

    also, if you hold option and click on the maximize it will actually maximize. Option also tends to mean all, so if you option click the close button on a window it will close all the windows in that program, same with minimize.

  35. Having just switched a couple of days ago to Mac (Macbook :D) and I have been thrilled with it as i’d hoped!
    The blog is so useful, although many i knew as most people would i spose, Its so handy to learn some new ones nice and easily! Apple should compile something like this! Apple+Space was one i just didnt know and sure speeds up the already fast process of using spotlight 😀


  36. This is very very useful!! Thank you!

  37. Thank you for the additions to the shortcuts, I learnt some new ones, which is great!
    And thanks Nicola for correcting the spelling mistake!:)
    Casey Sousa, thanks! I’m sure these tips would be basics for pro users like yourself, thanks for the extra (pro) tips you wrote!

  38. Apple DOES have a right-click feature – you just need to buy a two button mouse. I use a Kensington PilotMouse Optical. Obviously this doesn’t work with built in laptop hardware.

    As for Macs being so terribly slow with their horrible kernel compared to Windows, um… I think that someone who programs exclusively for Windows will find that there are different optimization techniques for BSD UNIX (the Mac’s real operating system) than for Windows; and perhaps that person chose the wrong machine.

    I personally find that the Mac lets me get things done that take much longer under Windows, the one exception being using Internet Explorer on sites designed for it vs Safari. But my big benefit is from getting rid of TWO machines, a Mac G4 and a big Athlon-powered PC, and replacing them with a single 30-watt Core Duo machine that doesn’t make a sound, and runs Windows (via Parallels) just as quickly while still letting me use all those great Mac programs (and I do NOT mean .Mac, iPhoto, or Mail! but BBEdit, etc.)

    I second QuickSilver.

  39. I know you’re looking for keyboard shortcuts, but there are two mouse-related shortcuts that I’ve found indispensable. First, to send a window to the dock, simply double click on the title bar at the top. Also, to totally hide an application that you’re currently running, just option-click anywhere on the desktop. All of the applications windows disappear from sight and the dock, until you reactivate the application.

  40. Great pointers.. Although I’m still on the fence of switching. But not just yet!

  41. Nate

    Thank you for your help. I knew it was possible to tab through, but all my Mac buddies didnt know. Great post, found some cool stuff out.

    -Recent Convert

  42. imagia

    ilove mac!

  43. Craig

    Great tips…I’ve been using a Mac since 1984 (and Windows since 1992) and I still learned a few things! One thing I wanted to point out was that hide and minimize do slightly different things. Minimize literally minimizes the window clicked on into the dock, where you can see an iconized version (try minimizing Quicktime player while a video is playing for fun). Hide, on the other hand, literally hides all windows for the current app while the icon for the app itself still remains visible in the dock (regardless of whether or not you’ve added it to the dock).

  44. I know the PC-Mac transition is a hard one on Windows veterans, but eventually the Mac becomes even easier to use than a PC. There’s always doubts and questions about anything new. I, personally, have had many switchers asking me for some tips — even the simplest things like how to empty the trash.

    The most repeated questions were about where they could find an x app for the Mac, so I made a list for any switchers that are interested in getting some of the best for the Mac (and who knows… it may even help some Mac veterans).

    The list can be found here:

    Just hang in there, and you’ll find that Macs are great computers.

  45. OMG, THANK YOU. You have just solved my greatest Mac pet peeves.

  46. Han

    Since I’m getting my mac on friday this will definitly be a lifesaver! I’m suck a keyboard addict I harldy use the mouse so this will be really useful! Feel free to post the most basic of tips again!!

  47. Peter

    About #4, the Tab key. Even after enabling “All controls”, Tab still doesn’t work as well as in WIndows. It simply won’t go through all the controls in a window. It happens in many different apps and it’s really annoying.

  48. Graham

    The real shortcoming not handled here or anywhere is the lack of accelerator keys under Mac OSes. You should never need to use the mouse for routine tasks.

  49. MrSpocksSon

    Thanks, these are all great tips.

    The one thing I cannot seem to get going on my 2 week old macbook is how to fire an application or document in finder via the keyboard. I can shift+command+a for the applications folder, and k for kismac, but how do you launch the app? The command+enter tip Cory Frug mentioned did not work for me. TIA.

  50. MacV


    For launching an app I’d use QuickSilver (you can find it on http://www.macupdate.com). If you want to launch a file that already has an association with an application (for example, a .doc document to be opened in MS Word), then simply select the file and press Cmd (apple key)+ Page Down key (down-arrow key). This works for me on a PB G4 running 10.4.7, I am unsure if it works on MacBooks or MacBook Pro’s.

  51. z66831


    Command(Apple Key) + O (Open)

  52. gt

    What about deleting a file directly from a Spotlight window? I know you can use an Automator plugin… I have no idea why you can cmd+delete from the finder, but not Spotlight. That seems completely arbitrary.

  53. eunice

    the right click trick with the 2 finger selection does not work.
    i have a macbookpro, but when i pull up the sys pref = keyboards and mouse, there is no box that says 2 finger tap for supplemental menu?”
    how can i change this option?



  54. One more essential: apple+~ to switch from windows in active application, or switch tabs in Flash.

  55. Ana

    Thanks for all the hints. I’ll soon get my mac and i’m sure that these tips will come in handy.

    The apple website offers a page with a compilation of all the standard keyboard shortcuts, but there are so many of them that it’s a pain to scroll through all just to find one or two you’re looking for. However, if in need, here is the link for it:


  56. JCR

    I am desperate to get arrows on the main section of the keyboard. On Windows fn + k is equivalent to down arrow, fn + u is left arrow and so so. This is so essential to keep the fingers on the keyboard. Even better, I have never seens a windows machine with a keyboard offering the shortcut… laptops, desktops, it is always there. I have not been able to reach that with iMac 17” os x 10.4.7. At best partial solutions that work only with cocoa app… Ukele did not help me much to remap those arrows…

  57. MrSpocksSon

    Thanks to all who have answered my questions. Both options mentioned above worked perfectly.

    Thanks again.

  58. MIcheal

    In windows, ctrl + tab will not only toggle between applications but also between multiple files using the same application e.g. different MS Word documents. On the Mac, Command + Tab kicks you from application to application. Anyone know how I can toggle between my open Word docs on a mac?

  59. MB

    Can I just echo Michael’question – how do I toggle between open documents?

    The silence makes me fear that we have stumbled across something (the only thing) I can’t do on my Mac that I loved to do on windows.


  60. Yara

    Question: could I install microsoft office onto my MacBook using the same CD i use for PC?

  61. bracl

    Michael, MB:
    use Command-` (just above the tab key) to cycle through application windows in any application. Expose is also useful here; use the key for ‘application windows’ – I think it’s F10 by default.
    Apparently the program “Witch” lets you assign Option-Tab to cycle through application windows.

  62. thanks for the tips! I thought the tabbing was quite useful (it’s what i was searching when I came across this site). I’ll be sure to try it out soon!

    Of course, I also learned about some other tips that I hope I can remember – they’ll definitely come in handy!

  63. cauleen

    Hi..great tips…I am really new at this and have a very basic question.

    In creating a document, I would like to spellcheck as I go by clicking on the underlined word, as I did with my pc…my Mac won’t let me – any ideas how I do this? and also how to add words to my dictionary that are unique to my business. I want to activate my ‘add’ button on the spellcheck feature…help???

    thanks… cauleen

  64. i love the Ctrl-Option-Command-8 tip! thanks! =)

  65. Fantastic post thank you – just what I was looking for.
    I have recently switched from Windows to a MacBook Pro and loving it.
    I also can’t applaud Quicksilver from Blacktree.com enough – wish there was a Windows version of it!

  66. A buccat

    So, yup, i’m a recent convert! i just wanted say “kudos” to this blog and everyone on it. i think “we” (transitional(s)) need this to ease the switch-over and so i wish i could contribute something other than my 2thumbs. but 4what it’s worth…(hir they r);*)

  67. Gary

    I have a problem on my mac where by when I control-click on a file within a folder no options seem to come up (such as ‘show package contents’ and all of the folders that are open close down and I am left with a blank desktop.
    I have had this problem for some time and was wondering if anyone had any ideas what I may have done wrong which has allowed this problem to come to be.

  68. Jocelyne

    Thanks a lot for taking the time and post the VERY NICE!! solutions.
    I am very new in Mac and having hard time.
    It helps, A lot!!!!

  69. As a new Mac user, this is very helpful. Thanks

    2 points.

    1 is the Mail facility that comes with the Mac. I have googled for days to find out how to use panes – so that I can view part or all of the message simply by highlighting it (as in Outlook),. Surely this is possible in Mail – (and can the address book and calendar be included).

    The second is that I am in an area without broadband (hi speed) internet. I use ISDN (old, but a little better than a dial up). THe big problem is finding an ISDN modem that is USB and compatible for Intel Macs. Surely there must be a few….. Having spent some weeks, I eventually found a USM ISDN Modem for MAC, when I got it home, of course it was not INTEL Mac compatible. After long call to Apple (not much help), further research, I eventually found a company in Germany – Hermstedt who have a super ISDN modem – for just Euro 799.00 ,,,,, and, a discontinued line the Webshuttle, for around Euro 30.00!

    Actually, I said 2 things, there are in fact 3. Another reason for buying my Macs was the fact that I could still use Windows programs (not yet available on Mac e.g. Microsoft Money). Parallels was therefore a must. The problem: the ISDN modem. It took some hours for the technicians at Parallels to figure out a way around the problem – but at least it now works.

    Besides these huge headaches – not to mention a few restless nights, I am ‘becoming’ impressed!

  70. Brian

    Why isn’t there a screen maximize option?

    Isn’t that like a 10 year old feature to operating systems?

    I know some people don’t like to maximize to full, but come on give us the option at least (without taking time to drag windows and making it full screen – that’s not productive compared to a bush of a button).

  71. jacob

    How old is this? 1982? Apple keyboards have had all those things for the last at least 2 years!

  72. twoitjesse

    Hey In repsonse to the question ‘How to switch between open windows of the same application’. Thanks for your tip, I found that useing Command ` does work in Safari or other aps, but it doesnt work it Word, where I need it most. Any ideas?? Please help! Thank you!!

  73. cheryl

    just want to say thanks very much for putting that article together! Much help, and the Xray tip was great although I can’t quite figure out it’s use. (fun! )

  74. Karen

    thanks so much for these tips! the keyboard/f keys thing was messing me up pretty badly! thanks agin!

  75. Idetrorce

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  76. I would like to see a continuation of the topic

  77. SK

    Thanks for the useful article. I’ve been using OS X for over 3 years and never knew about #4 (Tab key). Every time some warning unexpectedly popped up, I grumbled about having to use the mouse/trackpad to select “Don’t Save” or “Close” or whatever.

    Here are a few other famous tips:

    11. Windows vs. Mac Keyboard Shortcuts
    If Ctrl-x did something in Windows, Command-x probably does the same thing on a Mac. (If you need to be absolutely sure, press Command-? or click on “Help” and type “Keyboard Shortcuts.” The “Command” key is sometimes nicknamed the “Apple” key because, once upon a time, it had a picture of an apple on it.)

    12. Closing A Window Is Not The Same As Closing A Program.
    If you click the little red light at the top-left corner, of a window, it closes that window but leaves the program running! To terminate a program, choose “Quit” from the menu bar at the top (e.g. in Safari, click on “Safari” and then “Quit Safari.”) or press Apple-Q.

    And, If you never need to write code or work with Unix/Linux/Solaris/etc computers, you can safely ignore this next part – but for those of us who do, it’s a big deal:

    13. Open-Source Software and the Terminal
    The “real” OS X is essentially a cute, easy-to-use graphical interface for Darwin, Apple’s open-source, UNIX-based OS. The Terminal program in Applications>Utilities is a BASH shell for Darwin with UNIX commands, file systems, and script support. Lots of open-source software can compile and run on a Mac, and some of the most popular programs like Emacs, vi, the GNU C/C++ compilers, and the X11 X Windows display system are installed by default on new versions of OS X. Programs designed to help install free software correctly on a Mac are available at FinkProject.org and MacPorts.org .

  78. justadncr

    I am really grateful for all the tips but HELP!!!!!!!!!!! I now have a lovely X-ray screen that I cant get out of. How do you undo??

  79. “Core Mac OS X Keyboard Shortcuts” book has over 1,000 OS X for Leopard including keyboard shortcuts for Finder, iTunes, Safari, Apple Mail, Address Book, iPhoto, iMovie, iDVD, GarageBand, iWeb, the operating system itself and special features like a list of keyboard symbols and their meaning, mathematics symbols, troubleshooting keys, punctuation and currency symbols, foreign characters, access codes and how to use the character palette. Check it out at http://www.osxkeyboardshortcuts.com
    I have seen nothing like it on the web.

  80. Anthony

    Thank you.

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    […] There is a helpful post from the folks at “The Authentic Fake” that has various MacBook Pro shortcuts. I found several I didn’t know about. My favorite was:10. Cool shortcut combo To finish off, I’l give a cool (relatively) shurtcut combination. Clicking Control+Option+Command+8 will turn the screen in some sort of high contrast mode, but more like an X-ray screen!1 Pretty cool! [1] 10 tips for new Mac users, switching from Windows…,https://hyperreality.wordpress.com/2006/07/17/10-tips-for-new-mac-users-switching-from-windows/, posted July 17,2006, viewed July 31, 2006↩ […]

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    […] Am I feeling lucky or that many people on the Internet are getting converted to Mac from Windows. Today, from Digg, I found the 10 tips for new Mac users, switching from Windows and it was a much needed shot in the arm. Let me archive the main points for future reference. […]

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    […] from “The Authentic Fake!” Being the sort of guy who likes to use keyboad shortcuts rather than having to reach for the mouse all the time, I felt a bit hostile once I got my new Macbook Pro. I knew how to do task X or Y on Windows with a few keystrokes, but having moved to Mac OS X (read 10 not X, as I made the mistake!), I found myself feeling annoyed that I didn’t know my way around the OS smoothly. So I searched the Internet to find out about some of the more obscure shortcuts. Below I’ve listed and explained some shortcuts that a new Mac user, especially those coming from a Windows environment, may not be aware of. It’s definately made my life easier, hopefully you’re a new mac user, these will be of use.   […]

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    […] After seeing Apple’s latest earnings I can’t even begin to imagine the benefit blogs are playing to Apple’s bottom line. Here is the latest great article for the layman on switching to a mac from windows. In a month this article will have great pagerank and potentially send thousands of dollars in promotion Apple’s way. […]

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    […] 苹果还是挺好的,不过因为一直在用Windows,其间用了下Linux,所以Mac系统的操作还是很有些不适应,一些键盘的功能、设定常常是让人有被“秒杀”的感觉。今天Lifehacker提到了“The Authentic Fake!”的一篇文章,介绍了如何适应新Mac系统的小窍门,还是有些用处的。文中第一条列的Delete键的用法就是让我最有挫败感的,这儿学了,等回头打看我心爱的小白后,再试试。   […]

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    This page also contains a good list – if you want to see every keyboard shortcut on the market

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    […] I’m still trying to get used to this UI, and I want it to feel like those Mac vs PC comercials claim how a Mac is easy to use. That and Apple has already said it will cost me nearly 200$ in restocking fees, just to return an Xmas present that was bought more than 14 days ago, so I’m trying to make this over priced laptop actually worth what it should be. Mac guys help me before I make this become a piece of landfill. At this point I’m not pleased with Mac, or Apple customer service, but I’m really really trying to be happy with my purchase, help make this a pleasant experience. If you really dislike Mac OS X that much, you can always install Windows XP or Vista on it without a problem using bootcamp. At least the hardware will be nicer than most PCs. Also, go to the Apple store and talk to a Mac genius, often times they’re more than happy to help show you whatever you want or need to know. Basically, don’t overthink it- Windows forces you to think of all these weird, convoluted ways of how a system should operate. I know, because I used Windows since version 1.0 until XP, and I’ve been working in IT since 1999. Switching to a Mac, it took me about a day to adjust, because I had to stop thinking and remembering all those weird ways I made the computer work, and just do it intuitively. Here’s some other tips: 10 tips for new Mac users, switching from Windows… “The Authentic Fake!” […]

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