Firefox Bookmarks – A Love Hate relationship

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  1. I find the extension to be an absolute must-have and it surprises me how low it is rated on the Firefox site. I think people simply do not grasp that it’s a replacement for the browser’s bookmarks and not an add-on service.

    I love the fact that the bookmarks are still accessible when you’re offline.

    I have my toolbar set in Tags View. It can be a little buggy at times, but it’s incredibly functional, and I don’t know how I surfed without it.

  2. Has anyone else noticed that the Add-on seems to set Tool Tips to false? Or is this just a coincidence for me?

  3. Thank you for posting this… after re-installing Firefox, I was actually having trouble figuring out which plugin was the one I was using before. For my uses, the Yahoo! version is best. In addition to the ‘classic’ and Yahoo! plugins, there also seems to be the ‘ Complete’ plugin:

    Will the real plugin please stand up?

  4. Thanks Greg! I didn’t know that there’s a ‘third’ extension! That page mentioned sidebars, I’m not a fan of them, take away viewing space. No matter how big a monitor I have, I want even more space to view content!

  5. Reclusive Monkey, tooltips are set to false on my extension as well. Would you find it useful if they weren’t?

  6. Thanks buddy, I was one of those who hated this item before, but it seems to work a lot better now, thanks for the reminder

  7. @hyperreality: I’ve not got any comment tracking in place, so I often forget about things I have posted.

    Yes, tooltips being set to false were a major pain for me. I use gmail manager and forecastfox enhanced, and without tooltips these extensions are pretty much crippled. However it now seems the issue is fixed and the bookmarks has stayed on all my firefox installations. Tagging FTW!

  8. Babbler

    thanks a bunch i just lost my bookmarks when my scan disk deleted the entry… but now i got em back!!!

  9. catherine

    I think Firefox is purposefully making the regular “bookmarks” not work so you have not choice but to use No matter what I do, I can not get my regular bookmarks to work. I tried and I don’t like it. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling firefox, no matter what I do, I am unable to add anything to my old bookmarks. I am very mad.

  10. @Catherine,
    With the newest version of the bookmark manager (1.4.27 currently), you can enable and disable Firefox’s own bookmarks menu and toolbar. So they can work side by side.
    If you really don’t want bookmarks and say that uninstalling Firefox doesn’t bring them back, then it’s because of your profile.
    If you’re **feeling brave**, then read the ‘What happened to my old bookmarks?’ section on this article, so that you have a copy of your Firefox bookmarks, then delete your profile. Once you install Firefox again, it will create a new profile for you. Then you can import your bookmarks from the file you saved from your profile.
    Hopefully that’ll work!

  11. andrew

    This is a great article. i had to discover all these things on my own. Hopefully, it’ll save others from the same learning curve.

    One thing to add: I’m using the Firefox extension. I too use the toolbar for my commonly used bookmarks – but I organize it using the “Bundles” view, instead of tag view . So I have a bundle called “web programming”. In that bundle, it refers to my tags “design”, “dhtml”, javascript_reference”, and “object_oriented” . Each tag in my bundle feels like a subdirectory – which is very cool.

    Also, my RSS feeds I subscribe to in, also work by using Live Bookmarks. Now if I could just get them to use Sage, I’d be very happy.


  12. @andrew
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on bundles! I (for some reason) don’t use bundles often, maybe I should now!
    I haven’t tried adding feeds to, but it’ll be good to have feeds one click away!

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