8 applications for new Mac users, switching from Windows…

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  1. Tazo

    i’m all for firefox, but for mac i always try to use camino because it is a smaller file and thus runs faster, adn dowloading pages takes a much shorter time.

  2. Some excellent applications here. I agree with most of them. Though I personally prefer to use Apple’s Safari. This is for the simple reason that if you download a *.zip or a *.dmg Safari will decompress it for you automatically. Having did that, I do still use Firefox because not all webpages are compactable with Safari. Some day soon I hope though 🙂

    Anyways, great post.

  3. You might add Adium for maximum mileage on IM and TextMate is giving BBEdit a run for the money… Any of OMNI’s products particularly if you’re a Visio junkie… OmniGraffle is awesome!

    If you do ANY MySQL… YourSQL makes routine database chores easier. SpamSieve for Mail.app is indispensable too.

    QuickSilver is an absolute must.

  4. yoharryo

    You should check out David Watanabes Xtorrent, it is kinda new, but really awesome. It uses transmission, so is pretty lite weight and fast, but has a lot of extra features.


  5. iain

    * good list.
    * for text editor … I’m really liking TextWrangler. Any reasons why you don’t mention it?

  6. @iain
    I’m not really sure… I never tried TextWrangler, but I’ve visited the website, and it does look powerful. Currently, I have my eye on Textmate!

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